Product Photography

Image Licencing


Do you need photographs to showcase your products, either for an online shop, brochure, or a social media campaign?

Looking for product shots to attract your customers that are professional, clearly presented and focus on those all-important design details?

With an ever-increasing move toward online shopping, small businesses are embracing e-commerce and the need to engage customers quickly with attractive top quality product images.

In a virtual online world, where the customer cannot touch and feel your product, your product photography is a critical visual selling point for the fabulous designs you have worked so hard to create.

Product photography is available to your business for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Content for an online website shop
  • Social media advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Company magazines, brochures, flyers and newspaper promotions

If you are applying for a Trading Online Voucher from your Local Enterprise Office, one of the key decisions you can make is to invest in product photography.

After an initial consultation to understand your business and your products, I work closely with you to ensure the images meet your specific business needs. All photographs are taken at my home studio, where I work through lighting ideas to best enhance your products. Demo images are provided initially to ensure you are happy before I proceed with the full shoot.

Samples of my product photography, including stunning artwork by Jennifer Hart Paintings, fantastic 3D papercut maps from BBpapercuts, and beautiful glass art by WildBird Studio

From woodwork, ceramics and glassware, to clothing, design art and paintings, your items are carefully positioned and lit, usually against a clean white background so that full attention is given to the product, with no distractions to the eye.

Special attention is given to clarity, use of shadow and accurate colour reproduction, to help ensure that the image your customer sees is representative of the physical product. Intricate details that reveal your talent and define your style can often set your products apart, therefore inset images of those details can often encourage your customer to look closer.

Amazing children’s knitwear by Julie Dillon, photographed for The Design Loft, Powerscourt, including an insert image showcasing the intricate detail in Julie’s work

To keep things simple, as licensee you would receive exclusive licence to use the images in-perpetuity for any business use. All digital images are delivered directly to you either via WeTransfer, Dropbox, or other agreed method, or to your nominated designer.

Looking for engaging and top-quality landscape photography images for your business needs?
Do you want your brand to stand out visually?
From a wide range of photographs in my gallery, popular locations to atmospheric scenes, landscape and coastal, there are images to compliment every business. For example, my photograph “Sea Pinks at Loop Head” has been used on the AIB online banking page.


Digital image licences are available to your business for:

  • Website and app development
  • Social media
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Corporate presentations
  • Company magazines, brochures and flyers
  • Books and newspapers

I also undertake commissioned shoots to capture specific shots that you have in mind for your business website, or for a targeted social media marketing campaign. Below is an example of my images used by recruitment consultancy Hunter Savage Ltd for the promotion of their Dublin Law Tour on social media.

All my image licences are rights-managed, which means a licence is tailored to your specific business needs. The price you pay is based on the intended use of an image, so you only pay for what you need.

All digital images are delivered either via WeTransfer, Dropbox, or other agreed method to you directly, as licensee, or to your nominated designer.

The mission of Living Earth Photography is to provide customers with top quality landscape photography at prices to suit every budget.

My photography is available as tubed and mounted prints, gift sized frames and calendars, ideal sizes for tourists and as gifts for all occasions. Larger mounted prints and frames that are perfect for home-owners, are also available.

I use professional grade papers and inks with a strong emphasis on presentation to deliver a top-quality product, whilst maintaining value for money for both the retailer and the end customer.

My display at The Design Loft, Powerscourt House and Gardens, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow
Beneath the wall of framed photography are three sizes of mounted prints and a range of tubed prints.