• Looking to take better outdoor photos and get creative?

  • Received a camera as a present and want to get the most from it?

  • Only ever used Auto mode and want to learn about all those buttons and funky functions?

  • Want to take your photography to the next level, discover what your camera can do and learn in a fun and relaxed setting?

Why learn with Aidan?

✓ My courses are purposely aimed at the beginner and novice photographer. Learning one to one, each client receives lots of individual help and support.

No camera or tripod? No problem! Before investing in your own equipment, I have a camera, tripod and filters that you can try out and use during your practical outdoor lesson.

✓ Learn with friends or family for only €50 extra per person, either for a half day or full day (group max. 3 people).

✓ Flexible dates and receive a print of your favourite photograph taken on the day.

✓ We will combine theory and the all-important practice. You will first learn how to create a photograph before heading outdoors to learn how to apply the theory practically, using your own camera.

✓ I truly value the solid foundations and great tuition I myself received as a beginner, and I now wish to share my key learning with you, plus some tips and tricks gained through my experience as a professional landscape photographer.

✓ My priority is to ensure my clients feel comfortable asking any questions they wish, have fun, and enjoy their learning experience throughout.

What are the course options?

Half Day or Full Day – Introduction to Your Digital Camera and Landscape Photography

✓ Suitable for an individual or up to 3 friends or family learning together

✓ Learn the essential foundations of how to take better photos in a fun and relaxed environment

✓ Practical hands-on camera settings guidance, using your own camera

✓ Outdoor photo shoot plus a print of your favourite photograph

✓ Flexible dates and outdoor shoot locations to suit you

Tuition Glendalough



Who is the course suitable for?

✓ Absolute beginners! Anyone 18 years old, or above, who enjoys photography, loves the great outdoors and is keen to learn.

Is the course very technical?

✓ Not overly, it’s assumed participants have none or limited technical knowledge. However, to gain the most from your camera, the understanding of certain essential foundation theory is necessary. Everything is covered step by step, based on your own camera in a fun and practical way, and questions are actively encouraged.

What camera and equipment do I need?

✓ A DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera with full manual functionality and lens(es) with focal lengths ranging from wide angle to telephoto. For absolute beginners, your camera’s kit lens should be sufficient.

✓ A tripod and a lens cleaning cloth.

✓ The following items are optional and not essential at absolute beginner level, but great to bring along if you happen to have them: Neutral Density and Graduated ND filters, circular polariser and a remote timer.

No camera or tripod? No problem! Before investing in your own equipment, I have a camera, tripod and filters that you can try out and use during your practical outdoor lesson (one to one tuition only).

What else do I need for the outdoor photo shoot?

✓ Warm and waterproof clothing, in the event of inclement weather. Strong and sturdy footwear appropriate for rocky, uneven or slippery surfaces. Be ready and able for some walking or moderate hiking to locations. Don’t forget to bring along a smile and your enthusiasm!

Do I need my own transportation?

✓ Yes for the outdoor lesson. Self-drive to meet at the first location, with the option to travel together in my car to other locations for the remaining lesson time.

Are course dates flexible?

✓ Yes, provided all participants are together on the same date. I aim for ideally weekdays, as popular locations are usually not as busy, however if you prefer a weekend day please ask Aidan.

What happens if a course date is cancelled?

✓ In certain unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to cancel classes or an outdoor shoot, in which case each participant will be contacted as early as possible to agree a rescheduled date.

Is insurance cover included?

✓ No, Aidan does not provide insurance cover. Participants are recommended to organise their own health, travel and equipment/personal belongings insurance in advance of the course.

For further details visit the Photography Workshop/Tour Terms and Conditions section of the Online Ordering and Returns Policy.


What is not included?

✓ Please note, the following are not included in any course, workshop or photo tour:

  • Camera equipment, unless a camera, tripod, or filters are requested in advance for use during the outdoor lesson (one to one tuition only)
  • Health, travel or equipment/personal belongings insurance
  • Transport to the first meet up location
  • Food, drink or snacks – although I do try to bring along some fresh homemade baked treats to enjoy with a cuppa!