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Sizes and Papers

All photography is printed by Aidan on an Epson P5000 professional printer using the highest quality inks.
Image sizes are in inches and refer to the area of the photograph itself. In addition, all prints are presented with a thin white border on all sides for ease of handling, see below.

Aidan uses professional grade paper by Hahnemühle, one of the oldest established German paper manufacturers. Photographs are printed on Hahnemühle Photo Lustre 260gsm paper, a perfect choice for framing. Click HERE for paper specification details.

Fine art archival papers are available to quote on request and all images are available in alternative sizes. Please get in touch via the CONTACT page with your specific requirements.

Open Editions

All prints currently available in the Shop are open editions. This means that there is no limit to the amount of prints available for purchase.

Mounted Print


All prints are front-mounted within a lightly textured glacier white conservation grade mountboard, which is acid-free and also lignin-free, helping to preserve the mountboard quality for much longer than standard mountboard. Click HERE for mountboard specification details.


The bevelled window cut into the mountboard overlaps the very edge of the print area on all four sides, leaving a clean and tidy presentation.
The title of the photograph is hand written upon the mountboard under the bottom left corner, and Aidan hand signs under the bottom right, see examples below.

Standard Sizes

All mounted print sizes are designed to fit within standard UK/ Ireland frame sizes that are readily available in homeware stores and online.

Framed Print

Framing is the ultimate way to both protect your print and also present it to the highest standard.

When selecting your own personal choice of frame, consider a colour to best compliment your home décor and also the mood, tone and colours within the photograph itself. Please feel free to get in touch for recommendations and guidance.

Frame Materials and Finish

All frames are made to order by a professional frame designer using high quality natural wood frame materials.

The Coastal Woods frame range are made from stained Ayous wood, available in either white, grey or black, as illustrated below.

Ballinastoe Wood – White Frame

Ballinastoe Wood – Grey Frame

Ballinastoe Wood – Black Frame

The staining technique allows the original grain of the wood to remain visible, resulting in a very natural look and feel, as per these detailed samples.

Frame Design (with glass)

For frames containing a pane of glass, Aidan uses a deep boxed frame design. This gives the finished piece a very modern look. The glass pane is placed towards the front of the frame while the mounted print is placed at the rear, creating a 16mm (approx.) space between the glass and the print, example below.

The Coastal Woods range used for boxed frames is 20mm wide (front facing) and 34mm deep (front to back). These dimensions are illustrated below.

Low-Reflective Glass

The glass fitted within the frame rim is a regular glass pane cut to size, but a fantastic alternative option to consider is low-reflective glass. This is highly recommended in rooms that are brightly lit where reflections from regular glass could distract the eye. See HERE for details.

The special design of low-reflective glass significantly reduces glare and additionally provides up to 70% UV protection for your print, however it is recommended to keep frames away from direct sunlight where possible as both low-reflective and regular glass will not provide your print with complete protection from the sun.

Frame Design (without glass)

The largest sized prints are presented using a special format that protects the print within a premium frame design that enhances the natural look and feel of the finished piece.

A matt laminate finish is first applied to the print, which protects it in the absence of a glass pane and mitigates reflections. The laminate also provides UV protection for the print.

Once laminated, the print is affixed to an aluminium composite panel, which is lightweight and rigid. The panel is then mounted within a white stained wooden surround, which retains the original wood grain and complements the exterior frame.

The Coastal Woods range used for the white stained wooden surround is approx. 65mm wide. The exterior frame is 20mm wide (front facing) by 45mm deep (front to back). These dimensions are illustrated below.

Further Information

Processing and Colour Reproduction

Aidan carefully processes all his images from their original raw state to the final versions you see. As the camera does not view a scene as the human eye would, all raw images require a degree of adjustment, such as contrast, highlights and shadows to develop the image to how the scene was viewed on location.

All Aidan’s current work is processed in high resolution 16 bit, 360 dpi. All processing is undertaken on a fully calibrated monitor to ensure accurate colour rendering and that reproduction in print represents the image Aidan intended.
Please note, most home PC, laptop and mobile device screens are not colour calibrated, therefore both the printed image and frame colour supplied may not exactly match the colours viewed on the website.

Supply and Shipping

Once confirmation of payment and order details are received, your order will be checked and printed.
Supply times may vary throughout the year, depending upon seasonal demand. Any specified delivery date that you may request cannot always be guaranteed, however Aidan will always endeavour to deliver the items by your requested delivery date. Generally, orders are dispatched within 2-3 weeks of placing an order.
Heavyweight postal tubes for prints and double-walled cardboard for both mounted and framed prints are used to help ensure your purchase is secure in transit.
Worldwide shipping is available.


For full terms and conditions in relation to ordering and returns please click for details HERE.